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flash plugin and other flash issues

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I found my activation but need to get back to add my name but in the meantime, I need to know how to approach Flash issues. I use Firefox all the time but at times some sites open IE on their own, so things need to work with IE as well. I frequently get alerts about needing both Java (have add-on showing Java status in the status bar but does not seem to be right) and Flash and always try to download the most up to date Flash but often it says that it will not download for a variety of reasons. I need to get this shaped up for good by someone who knows what to do.

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1) In Windows Control Panel, open Add/Remove Programs if you are using XP or open Programs and Features if you are using Vista or 7.

2) Uninstall all copies of Adobe Flash Player and of Java

3) Reboot

4) In either Firefox or Internet Explorer, go to and install the latest version of Java

5) Using Firefox, go to and install the latest Flash Player plugin

6) Using Internet Explorer, go to and install the latest Flash Player ActiveX add-on

7) Reboot

8) Enjoy. If you are still having issues, your computer may have other issues that are causing a conflict. See your local computer tech.

-- Patrick B.

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