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I cannot play songs.

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I cannot play songs and I cannot download anything. Can you help?

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If you are trying to play copy-protected songs, then VLC isn't the option for you. While it can work, it's not very reliable on copy-protected (itunes types songs, for example). Instead use the native application that you downloaded for those. VLC is for those who wish to play movies, music, cd's, etc, anything really, that you can normally play on a machine. If you are having issues playing a song, etc, you need to provide more details, or contact the VLC forums for answers. Your question was a bit vague, but i hope we answered it!

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Firstly, you need to know that you cannot download files using VLC Media Player. It is a free utility developed by VideoLAN that allows you to play all major audio and video files. In order to fix the problems, I suggest you update the software to the latest version. Also, download and install Combined Community Codec Pack from the official web page. If you still can't play your songs check if they are supported by the application. You can find a list with the supported file formats on VideoLAN website.

Note: If you need to download multimedia files, you can try using a utility from Software Informer database instead.

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