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Can I use the Dell CD for Jasc Paint Shop Photo Album after changing the motherboard?

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I have Jasc Paint Shop Photo Album 3 (version 4.03) for my Dell computer. My computer broke down and a new motherboard was put in and they said it is no longer a Dell. Can I use the Dell CD for Jasc Paint Shop Photo Album on a new motherboard?

When I try to re install the CD it can't find PPSA.msi to reinstall it. I will get a new computer soon but can't right now. I have a lot of pictures in the Jasc program.

I'm running Windows XP.

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You new motherboard should be fine in case your Dell CD is not motherboard or company branded which means that will only work with Dell components but that's not the case. The problem you're having is related to Windows Installer only. I recommend downloading the latest version of Windows installer here link. Another solution is to use the troubleshooter provided by Microsoft in cases when Windows installer is improperly configured.

Another solution is to manually browse the contents of the CD and run the installer from that location using the setup package.

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