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Java is asking to install it again.

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I installed Java, but when I want to open a Java encrypted file, it is asking to install it again. Can you help?

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You receive this message, because some of the Java files are missing or corrupted. In order to solve the issue, navigate to the official web page, click the red Free Java Download button, save the file to your computer and install it following the on-screen instructions. If you still have issues, I suggest you contact the Support team.

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Are you well with JAVA... I mean do you know that you have to give path to the JAVA encrypted files to work... If you know it but still there is a problem then download the JAVA softwares from the SUN-MICROSYSTEMS WEBSITE... This software is available along-with Netbeans IDE 6.8... That is a pack of all run-times and JAVA softwares updated...

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