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I have forgotten my pasword and the e-mail address I gave when I registered. How can I login to my account again? I do not want to create a new account!

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Which website/ application/ account are you talking about? Please, provide more information about your problem, in order to obtain an accurate answer.

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Please keep a copy of the passwords with youself, & this site is not to post spam..

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There should be something that says "forgot your password" or "forgot your e-mail address" somewhere. Click on it and see what it does. The "forgot your e-mail address" one probably won't show up, though.

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There should be something that says "forgot your password?" if you don't know or forgot it. I can't help you with the e-mail address, though. Sorry, but you might have to create a new account and write the password and e-mail address on a piece of paper or other writing surface. I recommend putting it on the notes app on your iPod/iPad/iPhone.

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There is no alternative but then to create a new account, as you neither remember you ID, nor your password.

However you can try one last thing. On the website where you want to login, try looking for any of your posts in the forum or within any topics you had worked on. From there you can get your User ID link. Click on that & see if shows your mail ID over there. If yes, than well & good, else try getting in touch with admin to reset your password or something.

Else, go to the site users/members, & check if you can remember your user id & then follow the steps as the last statement I said.

Hopefully you might get it.

If not, then My friend, there is no other choice.

Hope this helps.

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