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How can I transfer content from my camera to my PC/DVD?

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I have had my Vixia HF10 video recorder for almost a year and have yet to figure out how to get my footage to a DVD that will play on TV. So far, I've had to compress it and save it as a MPEG file, but I think this destroys the HD, so why should I spend all the money on a camcorder like this?

I have only been able to play my video through the recorder itself (not in HD, it comes with a cord that only allows for regular viewing) or on a computer, which probably means I'm saving it in a data format. Does anyone know what format I should save this at so I can view in on a television? I am so frustrated I could throw the camera out the window. Except it costs so much.

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The camcorder uses the flash memory to store its content. There is no need to convert it because from the moment you attach the device to computer, a disk drive will appear in My Computer section. Access the drive and you can transfer all your content in HD. When you'll connect the camcorder to PC for the first time, Windows or any other operating system will ask for drivers. Make sure to download them first.

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