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I have a problem when burning videos from YouTube to disc

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I'm using Free RealPlayer SP and I want to burn videos from YouTube to disc. Firstly, I downloaded the video using the application and now I want to burn it to a disc. The audio CD is working, but the video CD is not. There is a special disc that I need to use? What they mean through "the operating system I'm using"?

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I think you R new to computers... Operating system is a program on which your PC works... The person who answered you had a query whether you used VISTA or XP... B'coz wid VISTA your work would B easy...

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The operating system is an essential component of your computer that manages computer's hardware and all the other programs in a PC. In order to fix your burning problems, I recommend you update RealPlayer to the latest version using the yellow Free Download button. After that, follow the instructions from the Support page and burn your videos. If you still have problems, I suggest you contact the developers.

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