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I had soundmax4 almost uninstalled by tring modifie

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I was face to a lack of soundmax pannel, so I tried modifie in the configuration panel, but it seems to have uninstalled almost everything, and I keep only soundmax (14MO) in the add/remove panel. NO sound at all. How to make it work please, I understand nothing to your proposal (from sofware informer) it is said only 0,26 Mo, and version installed to be "upgraded to Can you tell me which of the ac'97 or else compliant I have to choose to make it work? Nevermind if it'sthe old version.
And a second way, this software is it included on the motherboard disk that I'ave got by me.
Thanks to anwser, cause I am stuck for this computer I bought past a year (win xp sp3 may be usefull for you)

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I suggest you look for a new SoundMAX driver at the web site of your mother-board. In my case Asus. Please note that the drivers were sorted under mother-board not sound devices.

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