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Road Runner Medic information.

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Road Runner Medic is not compatible with Internet Explorer 8.0 and we cannot download and install the utility. Can we expect a compatible version of Road Runner Medic that will work with Internet Explorer 8.0? I hate to be without this useful tool.

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Well, I can not say how long they will do the version of RoadRunner Medic compatible with IE 8.
But won't it be simpler to install the earlier version of IE or another browser at all?))

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Unfortunately, there is no information regarding a newer version of Road Runner Medic. From what it seems, the software has been discontinued and it is no longer supported. I suggest you contact the developers for further information.

Note: If you want, you can download and install Internet Explorer 6.0 from the official web page. It is fully compatible with Road Runner Medic.

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