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Save the power on a laptop before the battery goes wrong

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I have a Sony VAIO laptop that I've bought with a safe recovery partition, but later deleted it and installed a different Windows XP version so that I use the whole hard disk size. Since the computer doesn't save power when it's not directly plugged in an electric source, it doesn't reduce the brightness, just displays the same brightness. It also overheats in the area around the fan. Now, I don't know which software should I install so that it can save the power again before the battery goes wrong.

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The recovery partition has nothing to do with the overheat and the turn off issue. You will have to check the laptop hardware stability because there might be something faulty or the drivers and software installed for Windows XP is not compatible with the hardware available on the laptop. Many times I have seen operating systems acting differently on various versions of Windows. It's recommended to stay with the version of the OS that came pre-installed or at least install the same Windows version. Do not downgrade or you'll lose performance or functionality for available devices.

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