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Information about Advanced SystemCare.

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Will this product provide complete protection?

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Yes, this program should offer a complete protection for your computer because it offers a wide range of tools and features (anti-spyware, anti-malware, browser anti-tracking, toolbar cleaner, privacy sweep, registry fixer, and so on). All you need to do is to update it constantly. I recommend you contact the official developers for further information.

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personally i have not had any problems with it or any problems with spyware but then i also have other protective programs too which work well in conjunction with advanced system to anser your question yes it should help alot

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NOTHING can give complete protection, but it's a good tool to have

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I agree, no one program can protect everything. Basics are, a good antivirus, trojan hunter, spyware tracker. bot checker, keylogger finder, and a good auxiliary Firewall. Plus something to watch over whatever internet access program you have.
I use,
Advanced System Care: as my primary other than my AntiVirus. Also as a OS repair tool. It even works in WinXP Pro SP3 Safe Mode! Saved me one time really good with that one. Highly recommend it.

Zone Alarm Extreme Security for, Anti virus/Anti Spyware - Fire Wall - Browser Security - Protected Internet Surfing (Killer App)

Spybot Search and Destroy (free) for, Spyware - Browser Hijacking - Erroneous Toolbar installation - Clear Usage Tracks - Updated "Hosts" File to prevent online infections. (Outstanding alway watching)

PC Pitstop Optimize 3, For: Internet performance, Firefox performance, Ping, CLSIDsScan, and a mass of other fixes.
(Plus their online tool. Try it you'll like it)

IoBit Security 360 (free) For, Malware (be careful what you kill, it may be your friend)

Cleanup ( (donations) : to get rid of all those pesky .tmp and such files laying around
(really speeds things up)

Sounds like a lot, but I use all of them on a regular basis. And I still get the occasional hit. But I catch them before they can get me. Of all of these the most important in my mind is the ZoneAlram program. Catches 99.9% of everything, And Advanced System Care.

Good Luck

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