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Information about OneNote.

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First, I get with a big marketing push a trial Download of Microsoft Office Standard 2007 (which, as we now know, has a WORD feature that was simply stolen from a small company. After the appeal is heard, it would be interesting how much justice money can buy. Leaving aside the 1.6 billion dollar fine Microsoft received from the European court and the unanswered question if it is still legal for the end user to use a stolen product, here is my problem (prior to this, I was most probably Microsoft's biggest fan, I almost prayed to Gates). When they ended my trial software, they also deleted my version of Microsoft Office Home and Student. There is no way for Microsoft to undo this action. It was again a simple theft of my property. Of course, I will have to buy a boxed version of Home and Student to prepare for the next theft and reinstall it when it occurs. and it will

P.S: What does OneNote actually do?

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Microsoft works in a very strange way with its customers and products. As long as the license is valid, your products is safe, but there are problems when the license expires. It's a very tedious process that most users encounter with their products. It's best to buy a boxed version to avoid complications. The problem nowadays is that the new versions of Microsoft Office are available only for an online installation. You can buy versions of Office up to 2013 on disc. The other version is available as an online download/installation.

OneNote is used to create user notes (handwritten or typed), drawings, screen clippings and audio commentaries.

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