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Problems with my Internet connection.

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I recently installed BitComet and CometBird. A computer technician is helping me to configure my PC to download and burn DVDs. After I installed these two program, my Internet connection keeps blinking in and out and I have to constantly reboot my system. Are there programs not good for my PC. What can I do?

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Dear Deborah, i don't think a bit torrent client and a browser (i am right?) would damage your internet connection. Of course, when you're downloading/uploading something it can become slower but nothing related to disconnections. I would suggest you to contact your ISP (Your internet provider) to check your internet connection. If there's any other information about that issue (like error messages and alike), please, post here and i (and many others i think) will be glad to help as i can.

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maybe, because you are downloading a large file.. and maybe, there are less or no seeders for your torrent!

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Yes, both BitComet and CometBird software are safe for your computer. In order to fix the issue, I suggest you press Windows + Pause/Break key combination and open Device Manager. Expand the Network Adapters list, right-click on the driver and select Uninstall. Reboot your computer, press Scan for hardware changes icon from Device Manager and reinstall the network drivers. If the problem persists, you will need to contact your Internet provider.

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