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How can I delete recent items in QuickTime player on Mac OS X Lion?

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Open QuickTime, select the File menu and the Open Recent option. By hitting Clear Menu, you will clean QuickTime's recent files. When selecting File and Open Recent again, you should have an empty list of your recently viewed files.

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Thanks, is working. :)
I follow this command and is working.

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I did that too, but be aware that when you right click on the Quick time player in the dock, it still shows all your history there, how to erase and disable this I would like to know.....

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I am looking for the same answer - there must be a way, but how

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It is impossible to do it in QuiskTime.
The best option I found is not to use QuickTime anymore and use VLC instead, steps:
1. Define VLC as default player for all video formats including MP4
2. Open VLC, Delete recent history in File>Open Recent>Clear
3. Close VLC, Open VLC, go to Preferences>Show All>Interface>Main Interfaces>macos>Keep Recent items (disable)
VoilĂ , like a charm

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