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My ASUS Lifeframe is upside down. Please give me a solution.

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Go to this address in order to find the PID code of the web camera of your notebook computer. Once you find it, open this link and download and install the corresponding driver. After performing these two steps, your ASUS Lifeframe should function correctly.

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Hi,I'm playing FarCry 3 on my new ltpoap, but when i try to aim and shoot at the same time by holding the right button and clicking the left button nothing happens. I'm presuming this is because the touchpad interprets this action as a middle click any ideas on how to change the settings to allow a left click to be registered when the right click is held?I'll usually be using a wireless mouse when playing, but for when in a crampt location (train/plain) having the option of using the touchpad would be useful.Many Thanks.

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