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Is Picasa Photo Organizer better than Adobe Photoshop 3?

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I'm currently using Adobe Photoshop 3 and I would like to upgrade. Is Picasa Photo Organizer better than this?

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Adobe Photoshop 3 has more features than Picasa but it's UI is not simple, on the other hand Picasa has simple UI and offer a good amount of editing tools.

Try both of them and Pick the one which fulfill your requirements.

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Adobe Photoshop is probably the most feature-rich photo editor from today's market and it is hard to compare it with Picasa. Adobe Photoshop was built as a comprehensive application, for the beginner and experienced user as well. Picasa is a more lightweight utility, and although it offers plenty of photo editing possibilities, it is way less than in Adobe Photoshop. These two tools have been designed for different types of consumers and that's why Adobe Photoshop is a commercial product, while Picasa is freeware. If you consider upgrading from Adobe Photoshop CS3, you can do that by switching to Adobe Photoshop CS5. For more information about Adobe's product, go to A review for Picasa can be found here

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