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In Excel the copy button is not working properly

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When a cell is copied it should show a flashing dotted border around the cell. It does not do this and when the cell is pasted it is only the value that is transferred, also it will not copy to multiple cells.

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Do not try & copy different structured cells, colums or rows at 1 go, as excel cannot do so & cannot paste it in the requisite manner than.

If in case you are copying cells which are merged, cells which are aligned differently, etc, excel will either give you a error, cannot copy different cell structures, or else, it will not allow you to paste even with the paste special option.

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The problem resides in the fact that you try to copy multiple rows and columns which differ by structure. For the copy button to work properly you will need to select the same cells with the same structure and content. This is a minor problem regarding the copying process because it can be easily solved by paying attention to the content that is to be copied to clipboard for different purposes.

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