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Mx -Navi software for Panasonic Mx 70 mixer.

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I was wondering if anyone out there uses MX-Navi for down stream keying titles? We've just upgraded to Photoshop CS 2 from Photoshop 7.0. Now when I try to save my Targa file, Navi lists it as being completely opaque. Am I missing a step? I've tried creating an Alpha Layer and everything, but it still does the same thing. Does MX Navi even accept files with an Alpha Layer?

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The Panasonic MX-Navi application doesn't appear to be available anymore. This means it is impossible to provide information about it or the way it works including the settings and features of the application. If you have the software installed, press F1 and use the Search menu to look for details regarding your request. It's the only possible way to overcome this issue. As usual, the transparency feature might not be available for this program.

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