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Problems updating Lexmark 1400 Series to latest version.

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I have downloaded the most current files for my printer from the Lexmark website. There are 2 downloads:a driver and a utility. After installing them both and "refreshing" Software Informer, Software Informer still shows that I have installed and the current version should be, so I searched my computer for the following files ("The names of program executable files are App4R.exe, lxdjpswx.exe") that I got from the Software Informer. The lxdjpswx.exe files that appeared in my search all had the version number, but the App4R.exe files all showed for the version number.

Is this a problem with the way that Software Informer looks for the files (a bug maybe, since it must be checking version numbers on both files and assumes they should both be Or are my Lexmark files really not up-to-date? If so, where am I supposed to get the update for App4R.exe?

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SI Client reads the version from registry. If the version is reported in registry as being, then that's the version it will display. The problem is that sometimes the version may differ because of the system files.

According to the format used by Lexmark drivers, it seems that version is from something else because actual numbering is: 1.X.X.X. There is no version related to 4.0.x.x. You are using the latest driver.

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