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HP Total Care Advisor alert status

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My HP advisor says I have no antivirus found on my system. McAfee says I do. How can I be sure the Advisor is correct or Mc
Afee is wrong?

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I am having the same issue with my HP advisor. I contacted HP technical support and they told me to contact Mcafee to change security settings so that HP advisor will recognize mcafee. Mcafee confirmed that it is fully protecting my computer and even is allowing full access to the HP total care advisor. They said it is not a Mcafee issue. It is indeed an HP total care advisor issue. I found one forum where somebody stated that HP total care advisor only recognizes Norton(which is preinstalled on HP computers) They said that HP advisor does not recognize Mcafee, WindowsOne, etc. I don't know how accurate that information is but i'm starting to believe it. I think it's crazy that HP total care advisor will not recognize Mcafee even though Windows Security Center recognizes it and Mcafee is one of several antivirus programs that Windows suggests using. If you get any answers please post. thanks

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I am having similar problems with my HP Total Care Advisor. I get messages stating that my pc health status is critical! However, when I perform a full system scan - I find that there are no viruses or risks found!
I have F-Secure Internet Security installed on my laptop. Could it be that HP Total Care Advisor does not recognise F-Secure?

I don't know what to do next! Could anyone advise me please?

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answered by (140 points) is not true that hp advisor only recognizes norton antivirus. i know this because i subscribe to NAV, have it installed on my computer, and still my hp advisor continues to tell me i have no antivirus protection.
you will notice that the link in the hp advisor is a direct link that takes you to norton, where you can subscribe to NAV, thru the advisor.
i think this is the only way that hp advisor will stop telling you that you have no virus protection...if you were to subscribe to norton, thru the hp advisor link.

otherwise, you just have to ignore it, know your protected, and blow the hp advisor off. until norton or hp sends us an update to the advisor that recognizes our existing antivirus software.

but dont hold your breath on that.


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As of Dec, 2009, on my HP dv7-2173cl laptop, the HP Total Care Advisor does not recognize Kaspersky anti-virus 2010 as an anti-virus software. But on the other hand, Kaspersky Anti-virus 2010 in it’s report states that hpadvisor.exe has Status: suspicious ... Detected: . . .legal software. . .that can be used by criminals. . .[with] Critcality: High.

Either this is a quid-pro-quo peeing match or I am doing business with 2 dumb companies.

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According to HP, HP Total Care Advisor will detect only detects Norton Internet Security and McAfee Total Protection anti-virus software. This is what HP says "“The HP Advisor software is functioning as designed and only detects Norton Internet Security and McAfee Total Protection anti-virus software. Any other third party anti-virus software may be used, but it will not automatically be detected by HP Advisor. No further action is required by the end-user, as HP Advisor is functioning as designed.”

More information is available at the link:

You can download the latest version of HP total care 3.4 from below said link:

This version will work with Vista and Windows (32bit/64bit)

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