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Certain sites won't work using Radar Website Monitor.

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I am using Radar Website Monitor to monitor our company websites. For a few sites we are unable to get Radar to determine if they are online. They are intermittently connected and then for the majority of the time remain disconnected. I am able to browse to the sites using my browser. I increased the timeout to 30 seconds and additionally I have set the interval to be 5 minutes. Can you help me?

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In order to fix the problem, select the web sites with problems and then click the enter image description here icon. Once you remove all of them, restart the software and add them again using the enter image description here button. Make sure you select properly the protocol (FTP, HTTP, SMTP, HTTPS, etc.) and the option that block the monitoring process from the Other Settings tab is unchecked. Also, consult the user guide that you can find the in the Help menu to make sure you add the websites correctly. If the issue persists, contact ApicalSoft using the Contact page.

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