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XPS MiniView Customization

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I have the XPS 420 with the MiniView screen on the tower. I am looking for more information to add gadgets to the MiniView. It is easy to add gadgtes to the Vista Sidebar, but they do not always show up on the MiniView.

Ideally, I would like to see a gadget that plays music from Media Player using the 5 buttons on the MiniView.


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I have a Dell Dimension XPS 420 also. The controls for it is under "Windows SideShow" in the Control Panel. One of the gadgets included is for Windows Media Player.

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Thanks. Actually found it the other day. When I first looked at it, I noticed it was unchecked, but assumed it was the same as the Media Player Quickstart Button (also quickstarts the Dell homepage, and Internet Explorerr) so I didnt turn it on.

Turns out to be pretty much what I was looking for. To add an enitre CD's worth of music to the MiniView's player for example you can add songs one at a time with Windows Media Player actually closed on the desktop (way slow and annoying until I realized...) or by opening the Media Player and selecting a PlayList. The playlist on Media player transfers over into the MiniView.

Is there a way to play an entire playlist without opening Media player but without adding each song individually to the MiniView's playlist?

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