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HELP, Can get infrarecorder to burn a DVD of VIDEO_TS files.

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I can see the correct VOB, BUP and IFO files the area denoted Name (in infrarecorder). I select, Burn Compilation. The dialog says to use Session-At-Once as the write method (for DVD). So far, so good. I click okay and the application seems to start writing to the DVD (it's a blank DVD-R). A "Buring Compilation" box comes up and says "The data was successfully written to the disk. The disc was successfully fixated. fifo had 1 puts and 0 gets. fifo was 0 times empty and 0 times full, min fill was 100.
Then I try to see what's on the CD (my computer and infrarecorder both see the DVD as a CD): nothing, there is nothing there. ?? What's going on? Why don't I see my files on the CD (DVD?).
By the way, I tried this all over again with a second newly unpackaged DVD-R, but the same thing happened. Please help. I'm miserable.

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Hi Karen,
could you fix this problem?
At first be sure that your devices get detected correctly. You can do this manualy by using the function "Options"->"Devices"->"Rescan". After that you can check the drive features Infrarecorder detected by double-clicking your drive in the list.
For the project select "Video Disc". Then place the complete VIDEO_TS folder into the Disc layout window.
Check the size of the disc in the status bar of infrarecorder.
Then burn the disc via "Actions"->"Burn compilation"->"to a Compact Disc" and make sure you select the right drive.
You can also check your burned disc with CDSpeed (
Hope this helps.

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