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Where can I download Avast 5.0?

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According to the Avast website, the latest version available for downloading is version 4.8.1201. I understand that version 5 is available, but I can't find it. From what it seems, version 5 beta hasn't been released yet. Where can I download Avast 5.0?

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avast is good antivirus of computer

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These are the latest update info for Avast! Home Edition (Free)

  • Program: Updated
    (previous version: 4.8.1201, updated version: 4.8.1229)
  • Vps: Updated
    (previous version: 080709-0, updated version: 080723-1)
  • Setup: Updated
    (previous version: 4.8.1201, updated version: 4.8.1229)

yea, i also think that v5 is still in the works...and we have not reach v4.9 yet. ^_^

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Unfortunately, version 5.0 of the Avast antivirus is no longer available, because it has been superseded by a newer version. If you want, you can download and install Avast 2015 from the official web page. This version has the same capabilities and features of version 5.0 and is also free of charge. Before installing this version, I recommend you remove the previous one using Avast Uninstall Utility.

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  • Vps: Updated
    (previous version: 080723-1, updated version: 080724-0)

wow, that was a quick def files update from Avast! ^_^

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