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Is there a way to restore my Subway Surfers game from my old phone to a new one?!

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I made it to the 7th place of all my Facebook friends. I had over 200000 coins and 3 weeks ago I lost my phone. I upgraded to 4, I re-downloaded it on my new phone and connected to Facebook like I did before but I can't restore my game. I looked on a few websites but none of them could help me. I'm really upset and I've only got 2 days to get the next runner and the next hover board. Can someone help?

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It's not possible to transfer or to restore your old content if you did not made a backup of the previous data. This means that if you have lost your phone and did not perform any backup to the program using iCloud or any other backup application, then you will not be able to restore your progress.

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you can download a save and load in android phone or any phone it will work 100 percent...

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