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What happens after my membership expires?

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What happens after my membership expires?

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The purchasing screen will appear again. We encourage you to renew your membership at that time. Remember, your support enables us to continue our development efforts to bring you the best file sharing program available!

If you choose not to renew, you may always download and use our free sponsored version or BearShare Lite.

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The method used is like any of the services from this category. You first register using a free account which you can later upgrade it to premium. This means that even if you stop activating the premium membership, the account will be there as well. If you decide at any time you want to upgrade again, then you can use the same account without the need to create another one. It can all be done within the software's interface. The membership thing is just a simple toggle in the database of the software's servers. Once you pay, it toggles the premium back and the account receives full features.

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