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I want to change default language to English in my Nokia E63.

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I have performed a reset procedure and my phone's language changed into Chinese. I want to restore it back to English. Please help!

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Use the following steps to restore English on your phone:

  1. Go to Menu and access the icon on the second line in your phone's menu. That's the Tools menu. (spanner symbol)
  2. Select Settings (spanner symbol)
  3. Select General (first selection on Settings menu)
  4. Select Personalization (first option in the General menu)
  5. Press down 4 times and select it
  6. Language list will open. Just scroll until you find English.
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That does not work and all the commands are still in German

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It did not make it even after selecting English

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Good job making this help tip.

For those of us that doesn't know where next to go when we hit step 6. Here is a further tip.

After Step 5, where you press down 4 times and select.

Now hit the select key again. You will see a pop up with all the languages and english there.

Select "English"

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