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How do I connect to the Internet using my China tablet?

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How to get Internet service?

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Most of these tablets have wireless feature embedded which you can use to connect to your network or to some other unsecured network to browse the Internet with the help of a USB modem. A USB Internet modem can be acquired from your local phone carrier as they have these subscription-based methods for delivering the Internet to actual or potential customers.

The procedure is simple, just rent or buy a USB modem with an active Internet subscription then connect the modem through a USB On-The-Go cable. Practically, you will be connecting a USB modem using the main USB port to the microUSB port of the tablet or sometimes you can plug the modem directly as the tablet may feature USB 2.0 integration. If it's all good, the Internet will become active and you can browse websites and other services on your tablet. This is the standard and most commonly used procedure to connect to the Internet using tablets.

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