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I want to delete the music from a movie keeping all other sounds intact. Is it possible?

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asked Aug 15, 2013
edited Aug 20, 2013 by Julia Bocchetta

I want to delete the music from a movie keeping all other sounds intact. Is it possible?

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answered Aug 20, 2013 by Julia Bocchetta (193,560 points)
edited Sep 3, 2013 by Nadia B

I don't think it's possible because you will need to process the audio file and extract the audio segment then you will have to cut it out but cutting will also remove any other sounds in the movie. For this job you will need a professional application and good knowledge about audio editing as this is not easy to accomplish. Adobe Audition is a great application to start with.

commented Dec 2, 2013 by Alyssa 3 (100 points)
It's not possible if a movie is bought or from the library the music stays on forever if you make your own you can  delete it.
commented Jan 17, 2014 by kolappan (14,660 points)
It is very difficult using adobe audition. Is there any software for the beginners.
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answered Nov 13, 2013 by Donna M Jackson (260 points)

You can convert from video to mp3 using software that does just that go to to download a video to mp3 converter - and then remove the parts you do not need using audacity or goldwave great tools audacity is free - goldwave is easy to use does a great job editing you can use it for free for at least two weeks and has free upgrades for life.

I am a DJ I use Goldwave for everything transferring files from CD voice quality it has tons of tools and is easy to use. Then save your final file either as a wav or a mp3 - mp3s are smaller in size 320 44100 will give you the best sound after converting and editing your file.

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