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How can I rename files in batch mode?

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How can I rename files in batch mode?

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File renaming can be accomplished with a variety of tools available on the Internet but for this operation I would like to recommend you Total Commander. Beside its main function as a file explorer tool, it also has implemented certain features to make our life easier.

Multi Rename Tool allows you to rename files using predefined filters like name, counter, date, extension, etc.

To start the renaming process, you need to select the files you want to rename by pressing Insert followed by the command that activates the rename window, CTRL+M.

On the windows that appear, the files will be listed in list mode allowing you to get a good overview. Once you have configured the renaming filters that are going to be used, the Start button is the last step in the process. After it's clicked, it will rename the files based on your preferences.

There is an image attached to get a good overview about the rename function.


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