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Cannot retrieve my MyWinlocker passwords

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I have encrypted a lot of files in MyWinLocker software, I did not provide "hint" when I created my password, now I cannot access it.

If I installed the application, can I still retrieve my files?

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Perhaps you can visit

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MyWinLocker application has no feature or way which will enable you to recover your encrypted data without the Master Password. There is no way the encrypted files can be accessed in the form they are. If you forgot you Password Hint then I am afraid that your files will be lost forever. The software has been created in such a manner that if someone has access to the encrypted files, it has no way of decrypting them without the software and the password which is equal to a case you forget your password. Any other solution fails to exist under such conditions.

Also you won't be able to access the files if you perform a new installation because the previous files contain the password which is required for decryption and since you don't know the password, you can't do nothing about it!

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hi gents:
since i bought my laptop.i encrypt some of my files with apassword i know it very well.few dayes ago i had to restore my operating system to factory setting. after that i tried many time to get My files encrypted with the password but i couldnt. so please tell me what can i do

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MyWinlocker is not now supported but I managed to recover my lost data after I had to do a clean installation.
If you have a hex key editor you can align the code imbedded in the script or ask google or ask GCHQ I am sure they will have backed up your data and the pass key :)

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