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Treasure Seekers game crashes on iPhone and iPad mini.

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I have Treasure Seekers - Vision of Gold installed and it crashes after I played half the game.

This applies to both my iPhone 5 and iPad mini:
I get as far as when they helped the professor to get the machine started and helped in the lab. After that, the game crashes. It does not help to uninstall and then fresh install the game, it crashes at the same place. I have tried this maneuver several times, but it does not help. This game has always worked off flawlessly before. What shall I do now?

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From this point, I can tell that you have an updated version. In some cases, the game crashes due to an update applied. Since you're using an iOS device, you will not be able to install a prior version of the game. The best way to fix this is to send feedback to the developers and if it's a serious problem, an update will be issued immediately.

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