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Please help me with the error 110 I'm getting.

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I have a rooted Samsung Dart and every app I've tried to download says that is unable to install: "Installation unsuccessful due to error 110."

I've tried downloading them from other sources like our Android Market Google Play. It doesn't matter where I try from, it always says error 110. I tried to do what I read in a different post and delete my Google Play cache and in the process I accidentally deleted the whole Google Play app itself. I've tried to unroot it and did a factory reset and then rooted it again and it still coming up error 110 and I really need some help. I'm a noob at all of this so if somebody could please help me out with some detailed instructions on how to fix this problem I'd really appreciate it so much.

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You should take one step at a time in order to solve this. First you should to factory reset the phone using Factory Reset option or from Recovery mode. Once you get back to normal usage of the phone, search for an update using Menu > About Device > Software Update. Once you complete this process, create and attach another Google account to your phone and format the SD card if you're using one and then try to install a downloaded application instead of using Google Play Store.

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i have this problem and cant get around it - any ideas people? ive tried the software update and it just says my software is upto date...

very angry child on christmas day here...

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Ive just rebooted my tab 3 and when I try to install games it says unknown error 110 can you please tell me what to do id realy appriciate it

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