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Why does the "limit size to" feature in QuickPar not work properly?

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In QuickPar I have "limit size to" set to 15,000,000. Why does it split files that are exactly that size to 14,976,000 bytes? I also noticed that files larger than a gigabyte or so are split to 14,625,000 bytes instead. This is annoying and buggy behavior. QuickPar needs an update.

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Just check Split Files and enter the size you want. If the file is set to 15.000.000 bytes and the result is 14976000 bytes it's just because 1 KB =/ 1000 bytes. The size is calculated at 1 KB = 1024 bytes. This is not a bug, it's just how the space is calculated in computer storage.

The files are split based on the configuration options (blocks, cluster size, etc) which can be edited from the configuration window.

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