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DVD W DH16W1P ATA with Window Vista SP2 compatibility.

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I've bought a batch of five TX DVD-RW but my DVD writer won't recognize them. The DVD writer is an ATAPI DVD W DH16W1P ATA with Window Vista SP2. Are there some known issues regarding compatibility?

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Usually hardware device like the ones you have don't require additional drivers since these are actually plug-n-play enabled. They use generic system drivers to install successfully but you should manually check the Device Manager and see if there is a yellow sign on an item listed there. If there is one you should manually perform a driver update. If you are connected to the Internet, let Windows update the drivers automatically.

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Hello Alex,
thanks for your answer.

According to the device manager, the DVD writer works fine, no yellow signs are shown.
I've performed a driver update, but the results are equal.
DVD's from other brands like Philips and Fuji are working without any problems.
The TX 4X-speed DVD-RW don't even work on an other device (Laptop, brand of writer unknown). There's the same reaction, No Recognition.


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