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I want to cancel my account. Where is the cancel account button?

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I want to cancel my account. Where is the cancel account button?

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Since you cannot cancel your account all by yourself, you will need to use the Support form and state your problem. A ticket with your request will be opened and your problem will be solved quickly. Make sure you're using a real e-mail address as you will receive additional details.

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I want to cancel monthly subscription as I don't require the service as
I am feared somebody is using my number

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i asked you about my account you sent me an answer .to where i cant find it i dont remember my old password my old email was stolen so i cant login is this the best support you can deliver mick dunning

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guess what I did'nt even know I had an online account until I read my bank statement and it said a recurring fee of 9.95 a month I want to cancel this account that I did not know I had and please ask if I want this service but I seem to be running into brick walls here since I can't find my account on my pc here but to you onlinevault stop taking 9.95 out of my bank account

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Dear friends, or has no paid subscriptions at all. Check your notice carefully.

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