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Can I transfer a movie I purchased via iTunes to my Nexus 7?

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Video file format of the movie and Nexus 7 is practically the same (MP4). If the movie is DRM free, you can just copy the file to somewhere else on the hard disk and the move it on the Nexus 7 storage and use the built-in media player to play the file.

If you still encounter problems, please download an appropriate video converter which will help you convert the same file but with Nexus 7 support.

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You could try iTunes to Android app to sync your purchased iTunes movie to Nexus. Just give it a try. You won't regret it.

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iTunes movies are DRM-protected. If you directly transfer the movies to Nexus, you are not able to play the movies on the device.
You need to use a iTunes M4V Converter to convert iTunes M4V video to MP4 first, then copy the video to your Nexus.

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You are not allowed to transfer iTunes movies to Nexus 7 directly. That's because iTunes movies you purchased are M4V videos with DRM protection, which can only play on Apple devices.

You should use a DRM removal software to solve the problem. I always use M4VGear DRM media Converter. It can get rid of DRM and convert iTunes movies to common MP4 which can be played on Nexus 7 easily.

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