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I am unable to download from Google Play

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I have a new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and I am unable to download any apps from Google Play. Kindly advise and help. Thanks!

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First you need to attach a Google/Gmail account to your phone. You can do this from the Settings > Accounts menu using Add Account. Also, go to Application manager, and look for Google Play Services and Google Play. Tap on each item and select Clear Cache and Clear Data then restart the phone and try to access the store again.

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Dear friend, please check your internal memory of the phone maybe there is not much space left because alot of times apps download failed due to this, you can free up of your space by going into settings > apps

If still your problem not solved then check this resource site you find almost every app .apk file u want there with the procedure on how to manually install google apps in your android device, Free Apk Downloads

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First can do this Find u need to attach a Google gmail account to your phone you can do this from setting>accounts menu using add account also go to application manager , and look for Google play service s and Google play tap on each item and select clear caches and clear data then restart the phone and to access the store again

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