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I have EZ Prompt 5.1 and recently I have had a few problems with the program simply losing my script. Can you tell me why and how to prevent this from happening?

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EZPrompt's crashing problem may have different causes. It is possible that the failure was determined by the fact that the computer was configured to use a Network Printer(which was not connected) as the default printer, or because no printer was defined or it has been using a long name. Try installing a local printer, in order to fix or prevent the crash. This is how you can clear this error. First, you have to remove any Networked Printer installed on your computer. Second, reinstall your Network Printer, using shorter names and no spaces. After that, remove and reinstall your Local Printer, using shorter names and no spaces. These operations are available in Control Panel(Start-Control Panel-Printers and Faxes for Windows XP or Start-Control Panel-Hardware and Sound-Printer for Windows Vista).
If you don't have any available printer, install the Generic/ Text Only printer and set it as your Default Printer. Follow the next steps, in order to do that: go to Start-Control Panel-Printer and Faxes-Add a printer. Select the Local Printer of your computer, and, when prompted for a port, select FILE:(Print to File). From the first list(Manufacturer), select Generic and Generic/ Text Only, hit Next and Yes, if you will be asked if you want to use this printer as the default printer. But remember not to share the printer and not to print a test page.
Another thing that might cause a EZPrompt failure, can be the incompatibility between Microsoft Office Document Image Writer and EZPrompt, especially when Microsoft Office Document Image Writer print driver is the default printer on your computer. To verify this theory, go to Printer and Faxes menu, from Control Panel and if you see a small black circle with a white checkmark, next to the icon, that means that Microsoft Office Document Image Writer is the default printer. In this case, right-click on another printer and select the Set as Default Printer option from the menu.

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