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How to configure ISDN line in Packet Tracer?

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How to configure ISDN line in Packet Tracer?

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ISDN Configuration tasks:
1. Global Configuration -
o Select switch type (must matches the ISDN provider's switch)
o Specify traffic to trigger DDR call
2. Interface Configuration -
o Select interface specifications
o Configure ISDN addressing
3. Optional Feature Configuration

Router(config)# isdn switch-type 'switch-type'
• specifies the type of ISDN switch with which the router communicates
o basic-5ess - AT&T basic rate switches (USA)
o basic-dms100 - NT DMS-100
o basic-ni1 - National ISDN-1 (North America)
o basic-1tr6 - German 1TR6 ISDN switches
o basic-ts013 - Australian TS013 switches
o basic-net3 - Switch type for Net3 in United Kingdom and Europe
o ntt - NTT ISDN switch Japan
o none - No specific switch specified
• Other line configuration requirements vary for specific providers

Router(config)# interface bri interface-number
• Selects the interface for ISDN BRI operation

Router(config-if)# encapsulation [ppp|hdlc]
• Selects framing for ISDN BRI

Router(config-if)# isdn spid1 spid-number [ldn]
• Sets a B channel Service Profile Identifier (SPID) required by many service providers
• ldn - local dial number (optional)

Router(config-if)# isdn spid2 spid-number [ldn]
• Seta a SPID for the second B channel

ISDN BRI Simple Configuration Example

! Set up switch type, static route and dialer for ISDN
! on Cisco A isdn switch-type basic-5ess
! Selects the AT&T switch as the CO ISDN switch type
! for this router.
ip route
dialer-list 1 protocol ip permit
! Associates permitted IP traffic with the dialer group 1.
! The router will not start an ISDN call for any other packet
! traffic with dialer group 1.
! configure BRI interface for PPP;
! set address and mask interface bri 0
! Selects interface with TA and other ISDN functions
! on the router.
encapsulation ppp
! Use PPP encapsulation on the selected interface.
ip address
! refer to protocols in dialer-list to identify interesting
! packets dialer-group 1
! Associates the BRI 0 interface with dialing access group 1.
! select call start, stop, and other ISDN provider details
dialer wait-for-carrier-time 15
! Specifies a 15-second maximum time for the provider to
! respond once the call initiates.
dialer idle-timeout 1000
! Number of seconds of idle time before the router drops
! the ISDN call. Note that a long duration is configured to
! delay termination.
isdn spid1 0145678912
! call setup details for router
dialer map ip name cisco-b 445
! Command Description
! ip Name of protocol.
! Destination address.
! name An identification for the remote side router.
! Refers to called router.
! 445 ISDN connection number used to reach this
! DDR destination.

Verifying ISDN operation

Router# ping or telnet
• Triggers a link (assuming it is a part on interesting traffic)

Router# show dialer
• Displays current status of link, including amount of time link is connected

Router# show isdn active
• When using ISDN, displays call status while call is in progress

Router# show isdn status
• Displays the status of an ISDN connection

Router# show ip route
• Displays all routes, including static routes

Router# debud q921
• Verifies that you have a connection to the ISDN switch

Router# debug dialer
• Shows call setup and teardown activity

Router# clear interface
• Clears currently established connections

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S'il vous plait, quel lien faut mettre pr configurer l'interface bri entre lé 2 routeurs si on travail sur gns3 ou paket tracer ?

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