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Does STAAD Pro V8i work with Windows 8?

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Does STAAD.Pro V8i work with Windows 8?

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The application is compatible with the following operating systems. Windows 8 is not mentioned to be a supported application. I doubt that it will work in Windows 8 as it does in its one of the supported OSes.

Technical requirements:

Processor: Intel® Pentium®-based or AMD Athlon™-based PC or workstation
Operating System: Microsoft® Windows XP, Windows® 2000
Memory: 128 MB RAM
Disk Space: 200 MB minimum free disk space
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try to use staad pro 2006 .still cant install v8i or 2007 .

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staad cannot be worked on windows 7 or 8 .... !!

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staad pro v8i can be installed in win is working....
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YES...STAAD V8i can be installed and worked in windows 8 both in 32 and 64 bit system.

asked Aug 29, 2013
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How to install STAAD Pro V8i in Windows 8?
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for me an error occured on launching it says unable to load bentley.lic.lib.dll
asked Sep 26, 2013
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STAAD Pro and Windows 8 installation.
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STAAD can be used on win 8 as well as 7. If u get any error msg while installing. Right click on setup file>go to troubleshoot compatibility>click troubleshoot program>check all the boxes options>Win XP Sp3>check all boxes again> click test the program> resolution gets lowered during installation but regains after completion.

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The installation procedure of Staad pro v8i in windows 8 64 bite system.

1) go to IEG folder and right click on setup.exe
2) click to Run as Administrator
3) copy bently.liclib.dll and paste in c:/program file(84)/common files/Bantely shared/IEG/IECGs
4) Now install setup.exe by right click Run as Administrator for Staad Foundation 4 and Staad Pro v8i.
5) click on registry file sf4.reg and Spro2007.reg in crack folder for registration.
6) Now restart your machine, right click on Staad Pro icon in desktop and click Run as Administrator.
7) Choose desire codes, green colour appread.
8) Staad installed and open it normally by double click on icon.

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During installation, the following message appears:
Can not set permission for folder c \ SProo2007 \ STAAD \ Section
and when I run the program appears the legend "trial period 14 days left."
Any help for this? I have windows 8.1 single language, 64bit.

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