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How do I get the restriction code for my Nokia Asha 302 ?

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How do I get the restriction code for my Nokia Asha 302 ?

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Almost all Nokia Asha phones require 3rd party toolbox and hardware in order to obtain the restriction code. This code is also provided by the phone operator your mobile is registered with. If the phone is under contract, you need to pay a small fee or visit a local phone service to unlock your phone.

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Hi you can get restriction code for your Nokia Asha 302 mobile from Here they render unlock codes for all mobile models .You first check whether they have a rendering code for your country and network provider to which your mobile is locked at present. If yes then pay for it and unlock your mobile.

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Please anyone help, bcoz my nokia c2-01.5, Type:RM-722, IC:661U-RM722 Made in china.

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