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Problem with logging in to Pastel Invoicing

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My Pastel is saying about unhandled exception in a component of your application. If you click Continue, the program will ignore this error and attempt to continue. So I clicked Continue, but it doesn't want to perform this task. I also uninstalled and installed it back but no progress. I need help!

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A simple uninstall and re-install will not fix the problem as you will manually have to remove everything that was related to Pastel. If you are using 3rd party software that works with Pastel, you will need to check that software's compatibility. As you can see, the problem is from the inside, because there is a problem with a component. Try to check for updates related to your product. Also, there are 3 solutions that will work for this error. Please use them in order. It may be possible that this is a simple bug which can be corrected following the instructions on the solution website.

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