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How can I control WinRar archive compression ratio?

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How can I control WinRar archive compression ratio?

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You can't control compression ratio, just Compression methods. The ratio is established based on the data you want to compress and the hardware you use to perform this operation. The compression methods can be selected when you add a file to an archive. The option is found on the General Tab on the lower left side of the window. You can select from: Store, Fastest, Fast, Normal, Good, Best. It's up to you to decide what you want to choose for compression.

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WinRAR supports archiving of files with ZIP and RAR compression type which by default does not use the best compression rate can be achieved . Why not use WinRAR and RAR ZIP compression settings best ? The reason is the level of resources such as CPU usage will be higher and longer , also requires the use of RAM that is larger than normal compression .

Compression reduces the size of the file could be useful overall file , collect the file into one package , and checks the integrity of the file to determine the file damage - all of these become surplus compress files with ZIP and RAR formats , either for archive file storage and file distribution .

What are the benefits can be seen at a glance on a file compression and of course we should utilize to the maximum configuration WinRAR compression . Now open the WinRAR application and access the Options and select Settings ... or can be opened by pressing the key combination Ctrl + S.

The next step depends on the use you want to set its level of compression for ZIP , RAR , or both at once by default .
Best ZIP compression settings

Move on the Compression tab and press the Create Default button .

In the " Archive Format " and select the ZIP in " Compression method " please change to the Best option . Press OK to apply the best use ZIP compression level by default .

From now WinRAR will create ZIP archive files with the best compression method .
RAR best compression settings

RAR is the native file format and compression of WinRAR , so no advantage over the standard ZIP format that will be described below in order to achieve the best compression rate . Back on the Compression tab select Create Default back , then the RAR Archive Format and Compression their methods are the Best .

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