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Hallmark Card Studio 2013 printing language problem

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I am using Card Studio 2013 (plus several older versions) on a Virtual Box version of WinXP running on iMac. Two weeks ago, when I tried to print a card, I noticed that the info in the paper source on the printer page was in Spanish, which it had never been before. When I clicked on the configure printer button and clicked printer properties, everything was in Spanish. I have tried several of the older Hallmark programs with the same result. However, when I am out of the Hallmark program and I print a Word document or PDF, everything is in English on both the Virtual Box and the Mac sides.

I have been in touch with Hallmark support, and they say "Hallmark Card program does not have any way or any setting that will change the language to Spanish" and it isn't their problem so it must be the printer. I just talked with Xerox, and they say that since the problem is specific to using the card program, it isn't a printer issue. Does anyone have any idea what is going on or how to correct/reset things to get the language back to English?

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Please go to the Regional Settings menu found in the Control Panel of your computer. There isn't a logical way to explain why everything is in English but it prints in Spanish. Most likely, it's a setting that needs to be customized. Go into the configuration options for the printer. Then you can open the Print window and reset the printer to its default settings. In Windows, make sure that everything on Regional Settings is set up as English (United States). Check the keyboard input from the same menu.

Also, make sure that your Xerox printer is using English software/drivers. You can download official drivers and software from the support website that Xerox offers for its customers.

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