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Health Mapper Data Manager problem.

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I am trying to use the Health Mapper Data Manager, but error message says that I have no Health Mapper Data on this machine. I am using external data at the moment. Also, the toolbar (add rivers, etc) is blocked. Finally, my output maps look terrible when comparing them to the Global Health Observatory Map Gallery (because scale, legend, etc are predefined to be outside the map). Could someone help me on these issues? It would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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You will not be able to activate the toolbar unless you practically install the application on the computer you're running. Try to install the application then use the external data and import it into the current workspace. The toolbar will become available for usage. Also, make sure that the application uses high quality graphics, because this could be the reason your content looks bad.

asked Jul 4, 2013
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Health Mapper & Windows 7 compatibility.

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