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Is Bosspy or Hellospy fake?

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asked May 19, 2013 by milo (120 points)
edited May 29, 2013 by Danford Blitz

I run into trouble to install or run this software: it crashes the phone. I used to be able to receive direct customer support, but you should probably stay away from this software. It is difficult to find any user with something nice to say about the software. Can someone suggest me another app for a mobile phone? I heard about Copy10. Anyone heard about this?

commented Jul 8, 2013 by Clara 2 (100 points)
Copy10 and HelloSpy are fake product and scam! They ask you to pay ***,xx$ for a software not invisible and no assistance! Be careful with scam's websites on internet ;-)

31 Answers

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answered May 20, 2013 by Alex Urbach (306,420 points)
edited May 29, 2013 by Danford Blitz

HelloSpy is a fake website. If you purchase the application, it will not work as it says. Bosspy is extremely expensive for what it does while Copy10 is cheap and it performs its job. The information about Copy10 was gathered from the users' reviews and the conclusion is that Copy10 can be trusted.

commented Apr 29, 2014 by lamptomy (100 points)
it is a good product
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answered May 25, 2013
edited May 29, 2013 by Danford Blitz

Bosspy is free and it has been working for me. I see everything on my husband's phone from every word sent through an SMS, who call him, the location of where he is, etc. I love when there's no lie. It's real.

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answered Jun 19, 2013

Bosspy is really great. But i think the developers are not trying to improve or fix any bugs.
It is 100% free and you receive MOST of the conversations (not all)...
The problem that i had is that on a given weekend my gf talked a lot on whatsapp until she had about 420 sms logs...After i deleted them monday morning, the sms tracking went off didnt receive anything anymore.
Furthermore, i tried to uninstall the spyware but couldn't. I tried to remove it from bosspy , didn't work also. So now i'm stuck with bosspy that is only working on call logs...
If my gf doesn't renew the version of iphone or back to factory settings i guess it wont work anymore with me...
Not nagging it is better than most softwares i have tried

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answered Jun 20, 2013

did you try to go in settings to activate sms report in your account bosspy ?

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answered Jun 24, 2013 by guildertron (260 points)

Dont ever use this software they dont have customer support. NO guarantee MONEY BACK the staff agent named me a "F**KING IDIOT" AND WHEN I ASKED FOR A REFUND. SHE ALSO THREATEN TO POST MY VISA NUMBER ON public.

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answered Jun 24, 2013 by marie joy (160 points)

Not only Sms won't work on bosspy also the keylogger , I already follow the instrustions what bosspy tell me to do and still wont work. Having problem also in communicating to them since they don’t speak proper in english probably they are chinese. I doubt this application is Virus or some kind of fraud.

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answered Jul 17, 2013

Mobile spy works pretty well.

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answered Jul 19, 2013

Bosspy is pretty good & 100% FREE

It is true that you'll sometimes NOT receive all texts (i figured this out after viewed text conversation I HAD with my GF) ............but For free how can you b!tch??

Here's the HARD PART .... Knowing your GF goes on CL & emails guys on W4M section & bite you lip until you have all you things in the moving van

And for the guy earlier that couldn't get the key logger reports to work!! Remember this ,you MUST enter your actual email password (NOT your bosspy password)!! When I used my yahoo account it'd goes days with no report & some would be missing , then changed it to gmail!! PERFECT!!

Another cool trick I thought up & it worked!! I'm not a ((techy guy)) so I thougt this was ingenious!! Go into her settings & clear cache &cookies .... Then she HAS to re-type it on the next time she logins to FB, POF, GMAIL, ...... You get the idea & OHH I ALMOST FORGOT , to keep suspicion at a low, then next day as we ride in the car "damnit!! What Tha HELL damn iPhone has lost my saved passwords, its making me enter in my password ....... Like FB!! Look!! & i KNOW it's been saved forever, it's never done this before!!"

Her>>>> hehe weird, ya me too & my email

& trust me when I tell you it's MUCH easier to login to her PLENTY OF FISH account & see her conversations VS reading the key logger report ,that only shows you what SHE is typing

asked Aug 3, 2013
edited Mar 27, 2015 by Stephen Prastman
Is it possible to see the chats?
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answered Aug 5, 2013 by Rick 3 (140 points)

hi i would like to make mention that by using bosspy (They said company)also have all the information that your are looking at on the target phone, becareful because such companies then have accsess to your parteners account details for say facebook or even worse if your partner uses phone banking, if you have read which not many people acutualy do read there terms and conditions they state that third partys are even able to accsess this information. i only mention this because i had a friend who was spying on his gf and a week later money was being transfered from there bank account. remember its a key logger and that info goes to them the company before it goes to you

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answered Aug 14, 2013

i hav installed bosspy on my patners phone and its working fine.. but the reports and keyloggers are delivered very late (once in 6hrs) and also i wanna how to slove this problem. can some one help me plz. :(

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