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Question about monetizing my software downloads

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Hi everybody,

I am a software developer with a decent amount of downloads. But since it's freeware, I am not really making a living of this. So I thought about bundling my software with an installer or download manager.

Anybody with any experience, who can recommend the industry's best? Also, any info about rates would be highly appreciated.

Thanks! :)

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There are many solutions that you can use to create a monetization plan for your software applications. InstallCore, for example allows you to do that. As most of these solutions, they let you store the product on their cloud enabled servers for fast downloading and delivery. You have the option to be paid for installing or for downloading but for the prices, you will need to register for an account. If you are not satisfied with the above solution, you can always browse to more of these on Google.

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Hi Stephen,

thanks a lot for this very helpful input. Cheers!

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