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How to get administartor rights on my laptop?

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I have HP G61 laptop and I want to become an Administrator. I want to download Microsoft Windows Movie Maker to my desktop but whenever I try to, it comes up with the "Do you want the program to make the following changes to your computer?" and then it asks for a password to my mum or dad's account. If I get administrator rights, will I be able to put my own password in to download what I want? I'm really confused with the situation I'm in.

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Pretty sure you have a limited account without the possibility to install applications and yes, if you become an Administrator you'll be able to do this. You can ask the Administrators of the laptop to convert your username into a full account by going to Start > Control Panel > Users.

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I think if you remember the password you can do as Pete Clapp or if you want you can also ask your father for the password. Another way is to use a SmartKey Windows Password Recovery to remove the password and then access your computer and then you can make yourself as your laptop admin.

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