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Is there any software for Acer like Battery Life Extender?

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Any software that is equivalent to Samsung's Battery Life Extender for Acer laptops?

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The applications are released by these companies for their products only. Acer and any other laptop developers (Samsung, Lenovo, HP, Sony, etc.) work at battery life extenders for their products only and the best result is achieved by using the specified released tools.

Also, Samsung's product is intended for their batteries only. Any attempt to use the application on a non-supported product might damage the component or even worse, damage the whole computer.

If you have an Acer device, please check all the available tools under the Software category from the main support website.

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well, I will give you an answer after I have chckeed from our online customer service operator,they will call u and send you an email notify you the stock.will be this OK?

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Tell me also i have buy a new acer laptop its backup is 5 hours.

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